Common Pests

Arizona is home to a wide variety of pests that can invade your home, and threaten the safety and health of your loved ones. The following list isn't comprehensive, but provides general information about pests that you may find in and around your home. If you have any questions about a particular pest, please feel free to call 623-505-8841, send an email to, or use the
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Ants - The ant species is one of the most common pest in Arizona. In fact, there are more ant species that call Arizona home than any other in the United States. Most live in the desert and in fields far from urban areas and rarely will venture into homes. Those ant species that live in urban areas enter homes looking for food, but generally make their homes outside and underground.

While most ants are not considered dangerous, some species are aggressive and territorial. One bite won't do much harm to a human, but several hundred bites can leave red itchy welts that can cause scarring and/or discoloration of the skin. Those with allergic reactions to ant bites should be especially aware of them in and around the house.

bed bug
Bed Bugs - Bed bugs are making a roaring comeback. The number of bed bug infestations are on dramatic increases particularly in hotels, dorms, apartment complexes and in homes. Arizona cases are starting to rise dramatically.

These bugs feed on human blood, but are not known to transmit diseases. The results of bed bug bites are red welts which are extremely itchy, but the biggest toll on humans are the emotional scars stemming from knowing bugs are feasting on their blood while they are asleep. They live in and around the bed and can hide behind the head boards and under the frame during the day.

africanized bee
Bees & Wasps - Bees are mostly harmless to human but bee stings can kill those with allergic reactions. Bees tend to leave humans alone unless provoked. The Africanized bees or otherwise known as "Killer Bees" are much more aggressive and will attack humans unprovoked. They tend to attack in swarms and can cause serious injuries including death. The wasps are relatives of bees but have longer abdomens and tend to sting humans far more often than bees.

Cockroaches - Cockroaches are one of the most villified and hated pest in the history of mankind. They live inside walls, sewers, and anywhere where food and moisture are avaliable. Access to these conditions can be a spawning ground for infestation of the cockroach. They carry diseases and bacteria on their bodies spreading it around to exposed food and food preparation areas. Roache problems are extremely difficult to contain so if you see one, you'll want to call us as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more difficult the situation. Each female cockroach can spawn 300-400 hatchlings.

Crickets - Crickets in some culture are considered lucky, but in the United States they are considered pests that can become extremely annoying for its constant chirping. The insects are adept at living both indoors and outdoors. They can enter the house through cracks in a wall, through pet doors, and through open windows or doors. Once inside, they can be annoying guests that can cause sleepness nights and agitation.

Scorpions - Scorpions reside in the Southwest and are common in the deserts of Arizona. About a dozen different types of scorpions can be found in the state, with the Arizona bark scorpion the most venomous. The sting from a scorpion can be dangerous to some people but normally causes severe pain for a period of time and rarely causes death. Those with the most severe reactions to scorpion bites are the very young and very old (compromised immune systems). Seek immediate medical attention if the pain persists for a long period of time. Scorpions are attracted to areas where large number of crickets reside.

black widow spider
Spiders - Spiders can be found inside and outside the house. Most spiders are harmless to humans except for the unsightly spider webs which may cause slight embarrassments when guests come over. There are three species of spiders in Arizona that are poisonous to humans.

The tarantula bite is rather mild and can cause pain in the victim. The Arizona recluse is a subspecies of the brown recluse and can cause severe pain. The bite of the Arizona recluse contains a necrotoxin that destroys internal tissue in and cause wounds that can become infected. The black widow spider is usually found outside and rarely will enter the house. The venom from a black widow can be many more times deadly a rattlesnake. Despite these facts, rarely does death occur from a spider bite.

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